plow 1cI learn best through analogies, especially analogies in gardening. Years ago I started capturing the ways God spoke to me when I was gardening, and I call them my Groundbreakers.

Groundbreakers serve in the spiritual realm like icebreakers do in the social realm. They’re unusual questions or thought-provoking comments that find common ground and open the door for relationships. Like conversation starters, Groundbreakers are meditation starters, designed to get you thinking about and meditating on God.

With Groundbreakers I share my own meditation starters, things God has shown me from His perspective. I hope they can be meditation starters for you too, and that God will use them to unearth His desires for your life.

10 thoughts on “Groundbreakers

  1. If you are searching for inspiration and food for the soul reading this is it . After your daily bible reading read Janet’s blog , it is the icing on the cake , it will keep you coming back for more. Get on her Facebook page and see what God is doing in her life


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