plow 1cI learn best through analogies, especially when it comes to learning spiritual matters. I learn especially best through analogies of gardening and plants. That’s how Groundbreakers came to be. I began recording all the ways God would speak to me when I was gardening or working with the soil. I call my writings Groundbreakers.

Groundbreakers, in the spiritual realm, are similar to icebreakers in the social realm. Icebreakers are those odd little questions or thought-provoking comments designed to open the door to get to know someone. They’re conversation starters. Groundbreakers are meditation starters. They’re my personal comments – sometimes a little odd – designed to open the door for people to get to know Someone better.

Groundbreakers are created for the spiritual realm rather than the social. They’re designed to get you thinking and meditating on the things of God.

With Groundbreakers, I share something God has revealed to me; something He has allowed me to see from His perspective. These are things He has used to get me started thinking His thoughts. They are His meditation starters for me. As I share them with you, I hope they will be meditation starters for you as well. I pray God will take them and use them as a means of unearthing His desires for your life.

10 thoughts on “Groundbreakers

  1. If you are searching for inspiration and food for the soul reading this is it . After your daily bible reading read Janet’s blog , it is the icing on the cake , it will keep you coming back for more. Get on her Facebook page and see what God is doing in her life


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