plow 1cI learn best, especially when it comes to spiritual matters, through analogies. Especially through analogies of gardening and plants. That’s how Groundbreakers came to be. I began recording all the ways God would speak to me when I was gardening. I call my writings Groundbreakers.

Groundbreakers, in the spiritual realm, are similar to icebreakers in the social realm. Icebreakers are those odd little questions or thought-provoking comments designed to open the door to get to know someone. They’re conversation starters. Groundbreakers are meditation starters. They’re my personal comments (sometimes a little quirky) designed to open the door for people to get to know Someone better.

They’re designed to get you thinking and meditating on the things of God.

With Groundbreakers, I share something God has revealed to me; something He has allowed me to see from His perspective. Things He has used to get me started thinking His thoughts. They are His meditation starters for me. As I share them, I hope they will be meditation starters for you as well. I pray God will take them and use them as a means of unearthing His desires for your life.

10 thoughts on “Groundbreakers

  1. If you are searching for inspiration and food for the soul reading this is it . After your daily bible reading read Janet’s blog , it is the icing on the cake , it will keep you coming back for more. Get on her Facebook page and see what God is doing in her life


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