Newly Plowed and Replanted

This site will look a lot different over the coming days. It needs to look a lot different, because my life looks a lot different these days.

Much plowing, turning over of old ground, and breaking up of new ground has been taking place. I’ve found myself in a new faith tradition in the Presbyterian Church (USA). I’ve also found myself in a new role in this faith tradition, that of a preacher.

I invite you to explore some of the changes in this site as I have time to make them, and to see for yourself some of the life changes I’ve experienced. Links to my messages can be found at the right. None of these site changes will look very sleek or flashy, not for a while and maybe not ever. Old blog posts won’t be available for a while, either. I will re-post them in archives as time allows.

Thanks for your patience during this time of change. My hope is that this will allow me to keep the site more current and more relevant to all our lives.

Blessings to you!


4 thoughts on “Newly Plowed and Replanted

  1. I’m so lucky to call you “my friend”😍
    You have the wind at your feet and God at your side! You are doing great things!! And I’m proud to watch and support you! 💋❤️


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