But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.  Luke 5:16

If Jesus Christ, God come to earth as man, realized the need to withdraw from the crowds, pressures and distractions of everyday life, we need to learn to allow ourselves that same privilege. We need to commit a time to retreat from life’s demands on us, and to unplug, so we can listen for the voice of God.

I remember a time when I was helping prepare for a women’s event at our church. On the morning of the event, things weren’t going smoothly. A more mature Christian friend of mine must have recognized my frustration, because she came close and asked me if she could pray for me. I remember breathing a sigh of relief and saying, “Yes. Please pray for me. I feel like my soul is in a wad.”

Sometimes our souls can just get in a wad.

As much as we would like to have it all together, or at least appear that way, I would venture to say that for the most part our souls are tangled messes. We need to know that our lives aren’t designed to remain as chaotic, scattered messes. We need to be able to see our lives the way God sees them; experiences woven into something orderly and meaningful. Our lives aren’t just random fragments of unrelated events we’re expected to muddle our way through. Every experience, every pain, and every passion are all connected for a purpose. For something orderly, meaningful and intentional.

We are created to live intentionally.

But until we can get away and let God untangle the mess this world can make of our souls, more than likely we will just meander through life bumping against people and bouncing off possibilities without making a lasting mark where God has placed us to make a difference for Him.

Retreat isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Retreat is something Christ modeled for us. So, I challenge you to commit to escape the distractions and retreat with God. Whether it’s a time and a place on your own, or with us at one of our upcoming retreats, I pray that you will recognize the importance to your own life and to the lives of those God has called you to impact for eternity.

Upcoming Women’s Retreats


Dare to Dream

October 12 – 14, 2017

Mount Eagle Christian Retreat Center, Clinton, AR (Directions)

Are you a dreamer?

Is it bad to dream? (Ecclesiastes 5:7) Or, is dreaming a good thing? (Joel 2:28)

Despite the fact that God used dreams in the lives of some of the greatest men of the Bible (think Joseph, Jacob, Daniel, Gideon, and Solomon), we can allow fear of ridicule or rejection to keep us from dreaming. Explore the possibility that God encourages believers to dream of how they might use their gifts and talents to live out the plans He has for each of them.

This retreat kicks off at 4:00pm on Thursday, October 12, and concludes at 11:00am on Saturday, October 14. Carpooling will be available from Forrest City, Arkansas, or participants may meet at the retreat location at Mount Eagle in Clinton, Arkansas.

Due to space considerations, we can only accept a limited number of attendees.

Cost per person: $135

Registration fee includes all lodging, study materials, and meals from Thursday evening’s dinner through Saturday morning’s breakfast. Dare to Dream Retreat Tentative Itinerary 10 2017 .


The Story of “Me”

Date & location to be determined – Summer 2017

What’s your story?

Do you think it’s a total train wreck? Or, do you consider your story to be of value to God and a breath of hope to someone who needs to hear it?

If you’ve grown up in church, you’re probably familiar with phrases like “sharing your testimony” and “witnessing to someone”. And you’ve probably heard the term “The Great Commission”. But, do you consider the fact that your unique story is a key ingredient in living out The Great Commission? Do you believe that sharing your testimony is nothing more than sharing with someone some way God has worked in your life?

We’ll have time to reflect and discover the truth about our own individual stories, and discover that no story is too ugly or too damaged to be transformed into the key to someone else’s freedom. Someone needs to hear your story. Learn how to share it.

Details to come.


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