Ministry Beginnings

At a Christian women’s conference I listened to the speaker talk about the topic of “A One-Hundred-Fold Harvest”. The theme was based on the Parable of the Soils. It was a wonderful conference with a stirring message. But, none of the verses in the parable leaped off the pages of my Bible and into my very soul like a verse from Hosea did. Just one little side note on her message seared itself into my brain like it had been branded there: Hosea 10:12. It wasn’t even the entire verse that replayed itself over and over in my mind, but five little words: “. . . break up your unplowed ground”.

I didn’t understand what it was saying, but I knew God had something important in that verse for me. For weeks I would look back at the notes I’d written during that conference. Notes like, “What have I never even let God touch?” and “What am I afraid to give Him?” I kept asking myself those questions, but every time I came up with nothing.

After a few frustrating months of not understanding what God was saying to me, Hosea 10:12 seemed to pretty much slip from my thoughts. It wasn’t until four years later that it reappeared and started to come to life for me.

Early one January morning as I sat at my kitchen table with my Bible and my coffee, God brought me back to Hosea 10:12. This time when I read it, the floodgates opened about unplowed ground.

Unplowed ground: unexplored territory.
Unplowed ground: a plot of new work to be done in God’s service.
Unplowed ground: a new area never before considered for cultivation.

My prayer is for you to discover the unplowed ground in your life, whether it’s an area of unexplored territory where you’ve never been. or an area in the spiritual soil of your own heart. I pray you’ll experience excavating that will be revealing, sowing that will be rewarding, and a harvest beyond anything you ever imagined.

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