Nir Ministries

plow 1cNir Ministries got its name from the Hebrew word nir, which means two things.

As a noun, nir means “fallow or untilled land; land that has not been put in cultivation”.

As a verb, nir means “to till, to plow, or to break up untilled ground”.

Nir Ministries is all about breaking spiritual ground for God. It’s about doing the Kingdom work He has created each of us to do as we sow the Seed of the Good News. It’s also about personal breakthroughs for each of us. It’s about having the hardened, overgrown spiritual soil of our hearts made tender and receptive to the personal message God has for each of us. Nir Ministries is about growth… spiritual growth.

With groundbreakers, I share with each of you a personal word from God. I share something He has revealed to me; something He has allowed me to see from His perspective. These are things He has used to get me started thinking His thoughts. They are His contemplation starters to me. I share these things with you in the hope that they will be contemplation starters for you as well. It is my prayer that God will take them and use them as a means of unearthing His desires for your life.

Since the early 1980’s God has guided me through careers in public relations, radio, and marketing. Right in the middle of it all He changed my direction completely when He allowed me to follow my passion for plants and work in landscaping. It was then I began to experience the fullness of hearing God’s voice. He used my work with plants to show me His truths. He grew our relationship while I grew gardens. Through it all He was equipping me for a real breakthrough.

flowering quince cameo a 03 28 08As my own backyard garden grew I photographed many of the plants that filled every nook and cranny of plant-able real estate. I began to post those photos on my first blog, but I felt the blog needed something other than photos; it needed words that would bring even more joy, hope and fulfillment than the plants did. That’s when it struck me: write the words God speaks to me when I’m gardening.

The times I would spend gardening were the times when I could still my soul and hear God’s voice most clearly. He used analogies of what I was doing with the plants and the soil to help me understand the truths of His Word. Those lessons I learned while on dirty knees morphed from blog posts to a devotional book because I needed a gift. My first devotional book, Life’s A Garden, Bloom Where You’re Planted, was a birthday gift for my mother. When additional copies of the book were requested by so many other friends and relatives, I decided to write a second book – In The Master’s Garden.

When a speaker was needed for an annual Christian women’s interfaith event, someone familiar with my blog and my books asked me to consider speaking. Having never spoken to groups concerning spiritual matters, the request wasn’t something I was sure I was equipped to do, but I agreed to give the matter prayerful consideration.

What followed was a series of requests for speaking engagements that helped fuel my passion for sharing God’s message to others. My writing continued in the form of my first full length book, Break Up Your Unplowed Ground: Unearthing God’s Desires for Your Life.

chin in hand black and aqua

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