The power of “Never’s”

It is not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own. Our qualification comes from God. (2 Corinthians 3:5, NLT)

My “never’s” spewed like blasts from a fire hydrant.

“Would never” vows, never to

… say those words my mother said…

… have a child that acted like that…

… get a divorce…

And the “could never’s” I felt unqualified to do.

… be a teacher…

… speak in public…

… share my faith with a friend…

Bringing me face-to-face with my “never’s”, God showed me the two deadly powers that fueled them.

Pride and doubt.

Those twin evils had joined forces to separate me from His plans for me.

With every pride-driven “would never”, I proclaimed I was master of my future. Each one kept me from admitting my weaknesses and relying on God’s power. I believed my own qualifications were my strengths, when in fact they were like prison walls separating me from the abundance of God’s will. Walls built with a stockpile of “never” bricks. Years of them.

Then, the walls collapsed.

I said those words my mother said.

I had children that acted like that.

I got a divorce.

Unfortunately, collapsed “would never” walls don’t bring freedom. The bricks simply rearrange themselves, building walls of “could never’s”.

My “would never’s” had been refusals to believe I would ever be weak enough to fail.

My “could never’s”, on the other hand, were refusals to believe I could ever have the strength to succeed. These doubt-fed, self-imposed limitations served as boundaries God never intended for me to live within. Every “could never” I spoke was proof that my faith was solely grounded in myself. Each one emphasized my belief that no power was greater than mine, not even God’s.


My “could never’s” built an equally confining prison. It suffocated my faith. It blinded me to the powerful works God wanted to accomplish through me. That “could never” prison held me captive in the belief that I was a failure. Unqualified for God to use.

You and I are called by God to accomplish extraordinary feats. It pleases Him to equip us for those works with the power of the Holy Spirit. The same power He used to raise Christ from the dead. Our “never’s” quench the Spirit and magnify our disqualifications.

Do you have “would never’s”? Are they refusals to submit to God’s calling? Determinations to rely on your own strength?

What about “could never’s”? Do you doubt that God could ever use you?

Our “never’s” may have the power to imprison us for a while, but God’s “never” has the ultimate power to free us to serve Him. Let’s exchange our “never’s” for His.

No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. (Joshua 1:5, NIV)

15 thoughts on “The power of “Never’s”

  1. mmm … so thought-provoking! for we love and serve the One with whom ALL things are possible!

    i’m so grateful for that powerful grace … and for meeting you next door at Holley’s today.

    blessings to you, Janet!

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  2. Janet,
    It is truly a divine connection for me to be visiting you today. Yesterday I started a bible study on having confidence. Secretly I am the queen of “Could Nevers”. I am an exhorter and see possibility and potential in everyone but have a hard time accepting that for myself. Before I started reading your post, I did my morning devotions and wrote “CONFIDENCE. Do not quench what God can and will do in my life. And sure enough you said some of those same words! So it’s no coincidence that I’m your neighbor at #Raralinkup. It’s God’s divine appointment. So dow to the second, God would have you link up when you did so that I could receive this powerful word of confirmation from Him through you. May he greatly reward your obedience for writing and posting what you did when you did. Your God is amazing!

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    1. I needed to hear your words of encouragement more than you can know. Thank you so much for sharing with me what you did. I will certainly be in prayer for you, and I’m anxious to visit you, too!


    1. Thank you, Mary. I can’t begin to count all the things I said I’d never do that I ended up doing. I plan on doing away with those negative “nevers” and remembering to speak life. Thanks for your words of encouragement!


  3. I have had a lot of would nevers in my life also. Thankful God’s light has shined on them!!!
    Continue to write. Your words make me go back and check to see if I have any coulds and woulds built back into my life. Those walls! God bless

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    1. You’re so right about having some wonderful “would never’s” Mary Ann. The ones that God gives us are powerful things we “would never” have been able to do otherwise. Thanks for your encouragement!


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