The Quiet Game

Barely a half hour into our journey and the barrage of questions was as fast and furious as the I-40 traffic that seemed to swallow me. Every question began the same.

Hey, Nan…

interstate traffic bw

I am Nan. That’s what my grandchildren call me, and two of them were calling incessantly.

Hey, Nan. Where are the pretzels?

Hey, Nan. Will juice come out of your car seat?

Hey, Nan. Are we lost?

It was going to be a long trip. Eight hours at best. With twin five-year-olds.

Five-year-olds will not be ignored.

We know you can hear us, Nan.




My mother deflected as many of their questions as she could. It’s nice to have a patient travelling companion who can tend to the things behind you while you try to focus on the road. But, this was a game and I was the target for the twin machine guns of rapid-fire queries.

Meme (my mom, their great-grandmother) was unruffled by their attack. She faced their onslaught like Wonder Woman with her bullet deflecting bracelets. She was no fun. I, on the other hand gave them the response of frustration-bordering-on-irritation-and-aggravation they were looking for. They didn’t want to know where the pretzels were. They wanted to know how much I could take before I blew my top, which they seem to consider a great source of entertainment. Every question was followed by a giggle.

It sounds cute. Forty miles into a 450 mile trip, it’s not so cute.

Hey Nan, did you know your mouth gets tiny when you get mad?

It appears I purse my lips when I begin to lose my cool. My grandkids call it “Nan’s tiny mouth.” Yes, my mouth had become miniscule.

“Let’s play the Quiet Game,” I blurted, immediately recognizing that I had played that card far too early in this trip. I don’t even remember what ridiclous prize I promised the winner, with the understanding that they must be quiet for at least 30 minutes.

It’s amazing what one is prepared to promise in exchange for 30 minutes of peace and quiet.

curving road through trees

One minute passes. Then another. Then another. Then…

I lose! Hey, Nan…

The Quiet Game is no fun for a five-year-old who has already been strapped into a car seat with limited mobility. It’s hard enough to be still. But, to be still and quiet. Well, that’s asking too much of just about anyone, much less a five-year-old.

I’ve just come out of a Quiet Game. It was a struggle for me, too. I can spew my verbage with the same machine gun fury as my twins.

I want to speak. I want to write. I want the words to flow incessantly.

But, sometimes God tells me it’s time to play the Quiet Game. No writing, just listening. No teaching, but learning.

When God wants me still and quiet, the enemy encourages words and movement. I can feel unproductive and guilty. I start considering what others might think. I wonder if my silence will be viewed as laziness.

Then God sends a gentle reminder through the same verse that seems to pop up in the devotionals I read, the sermons I hear, and the blog posts I read.

Don’t speak, just listen.

The Lord came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.” 1 Samuel 3:10

But, I’m not listening. I’m too busy talking when God has said to be quiet.

mouth spewing words

Being quiet feels like putting everything on hold. It’s like God is asking me to stop doing something I want to do. Something I want to do for Him. Being quiet and still requires patience. Patience that even my granddaughters recognize I lack.

When I suggested the Quiet Game for the twins, I had reasons. I wish I could say I did it to encourage the girls to relax and enjoy the scenery of the trip, but I won’t lie. It wasn’t because I was so deeply spiritual and mature. I was just trying to hang on to a thread of sanity. When God tells me it’s time to play the Quiet Game, however, His reasons are for my good.

There are refreshing words God wants me to hear from Him.

There is direction He wants to give me.

There’s scenery on my journey I’ve been missing.

gravel road along mountain stream in fall

Maybe He just wants me to take a little nap while someone else drives.

How willing am I to remain quiet until God tells me the Quiet Game is over? Am I so inclined to charge ahead with my own plans and my own words that I refuse to surrender to God in quiet obedience?

I gave up on words and I gave God the silence He asked for. In that silence I listened for His voice, His direction, His guidance, His wisdom, His words of love for me. I rested in that silence. Maybe the next time He asks me to play the Quiet Game I won’t fight it so much.

It’s not easy. This has been a difficult Quiet Game. But I did not lose, and my prize, I know, will be great.

The Lord was with Samuel as he grew up, and He let none of Samuel’s words fall to the ground.  1 Samuel 3:19

Maybe my obedience made God smile. I sure hope so. I’d never want to give God reason to have “tiny mouth”.

Nan’s tiny mouth

nans tiny mouth

21 thoughts on “The Quiet Game

  1. “When God wants me still and quiet, the enemy encourages words and movement. I can feel unproductive and guilty.” I love this. And this is so me. I struggle with just resting. I think I have to be loud and busy doing something for the Lord. Thank you for the reminder of how important it is to rest in silence with the Lord and just listen.


  2. Oh how I used to love the “quiet game!” You just wrote about the exact season I am going through right now. It’s time to slow down, quiet down, and focus on Him. Thank you for helping me put it all in perspective. Many blessings to you and your ministry! Mindy

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  3. Ohmygosh, you have me laughing. I’m packing up our truck this morning to make the 14-hour trek up north to visit family. My boys are 6 and 4. Hey Mommy…Hey Mommy…Hey Mommy…too funny! What impeccable timing:) Thank you so much for the reminder. Maybe I’ll get a little rest when we get to “Mami’s”! Blessings this week.

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    1. Prayers for you and your crew on your travels. The trip I wrote about was quite a few years ago and God still speaks to me through my memories of it. I hope your trip will be a source of riches like mine was. Blessings to you!


  4. Our natural inclination is productivity. We are a 24/7 society. So when God calls us out to rest, man that’s tough! Obedience to God is not something to take lightly, even when we are called out of the game for a bit. But the refreshment that comes from rest is truly amazing. Glad your back!

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  5. Janet, I LOVE your writing. Neighbor at Suzie’s LiveFree today.

    The quite game with God ~ WOW! Yes, Be Still and Know. That word that Jesus used to calm the waves and expel demons means muzzle – BE STILL.

    Yes, God muzzles us too.

    Would you “join the dance” each Friday at Dance With Jesus Linkup to bless others with your words? is the permalink and on Friday’s the post has Linkup in the title.

    So blessed to have read your words today. Susan

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    1. Thank you, Susan. I would be thrilled to join the dance on Fridays! I was blessed by your post this morning, too. I also followed the link to your book trailer and am excited to learn about your book and share it with others. Plus, I just love your sweet southern accent. We southerners have a special way of communicating!


      1. Oh, thank you Janet. Then question for you. I gathering a group of bloggers to do a “virtual book tour” this summer in August and would love to have you join that FUN. My email is susan (@) SusanBMead (.) com. (So bots don’t get the email address!) if you would like me to add you to the list for details, let me know. Hugs!

        Your words blessed me today Janet.

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      2. Please do add me Susan. I would like to at least learn more and pray about it. Thank you so much. Feel free to email me anytime at Janet @ janetbenson .com


  6. This is seriously excellent, both the writing and the depth of ideas. Your Quiet Game has already paid dividends, I think. Meanwhile, I love the “tiny mouth” thing. Grandchildren know us better than we want to admit!

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    1. Thank you Felisa, so very much. Rhyan was the first to mention my tiny mouth. It was more on target than I wanted to admit. It was especially hard to face when he drew a picture. He did it in love and with a light heart, because that’s the kind of person he is. But, wow, was it ever a lesson for me!


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