An Atheist’s favorite

15 Week Mums Padre Orange 10 11 10 dI’m still relatively new to some venues of Social Media. Even though I’ve had a Facebook page for years, I’m just beginning to test the waters of Instagram and Twitter. I’m not too sure what it means to hashtag something, but I’m pretty sure that my lone attempt at it didn’t end up the way I had intended. I once intended to tweet something to one person, believing that was the same as sending them a private message. I ended up just sending it out in a general tweet for the whole Twitter world to see. I do, however, understand the concept of having one of my tweets favorited.

It was a little exciting the very first time someone favorited one of my tweets. Then another of my tweets containing a link to one of my blog posts was favorited by a staff member at Proverbs 31 Ministries. That was the highlight of my week! Then something strange happened. I tweeted a link to another blog post, and it was favorited by someone whose very user name indicates they are an Atheist.

What had I done? I re-read my post to see if I had written anything blasphemous. I wanted to remove my tweet and its link, but I wasn’t even sure if that was possible. Something had to be wrong. Why would an Atheist favorite something that I had written intending to glorify God? My mind was peppered with questions and fears.

What if someone noticed this as being favorite of an Atheist?

What if they thought less of me after having noticed that my blog post was favorited by someone who professes unbelief in God?

What had I done wrong?

What had I said wrong?

Should I remove my blog post altogether?

The semi-panicked feeling continued. The more I thought about it, the more uncertain I was. I believed the things I had written in that post were truly things God had revealed to me, and that they were things He intended for me to share with others. I felt like He was telling me to leave the post there and not to make any changes to it. What was it that had appealed to this Atheist?

How would I have felt if a self-proclaimed plant hater told me they liked a plant in my garden? Would that have made me question my landscaping skills or my plant choices? Absolutely not! I should think I would be thrilled that a plant in my garden might actually change the way the plant hater feels about plants. Maybe that one plant in my garden might cause the plant hater to begin to see plants and gardening in a different light.

I read the post yet again, and it began to sink in.

The very first paragraph referenced times when our hearts are heavy with pain and confusion. I imagine that if I didn’t believe that there was a God who loved me and who held my life in His hands, my heart would be pretty heavy. Maybe those words struck a chord with him. Maybe the words that followed gave him a little hope.

Goodness is the under-planting that draws the downcast eyes of the hurting heavenward.

Maybe something I wrote in that post lifted his eyes heavenward to the only Source of hope.

I’m not naive enough to believe that absolutely no one will think poorly of me for having written something that would appeal to an Atheist. If that’s the case, so be it. We are placed here to be a light to a dark world. A glimmer of hope to the hopeless.

Maybe someday soon that spiritual equivalent of a plant hater will have a garden of his own.

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